The Leicester Circle and Inner Circle Audax Sunday 17th September 2017

    An audax is a long-distance self-guided ride with check points that you have to visit in a given time limit. It isn't as scary as it sounds when you understand that the limit is based on an average of 15km/h (less than 10 mph) for the Leicester Circle, and 12.5km/h for the Inner Circle.  You also get a detailed route-card and a gpx. file of the route to keep you heading in the right direction.

    If you've never ridden 100 miles/166km before, the Leicester Circle is a great way to do your first 'century'.   If you fancy something a bit shorter, but enjoy the challenge of a few hills, the 50 mile/88km 'Inner Circle' is a scenic alternative.   The entry fee is around £7/£8, depending if you need to be a temporary AUK or CTC member or not & your method of payment, and you'll get drinks, snacks and a friendly Leicester Forest welcome at the start/finish.  Here's a brief description of the rides and a link to the page where you can enter online, or download a postal entry form:

    Leicester Circle 160km

    166km cycling event starting from Haynes Rd, Leicester, LE54AR. Controls at Medbourne, Wistow and Desford, plus 4 information controls.
    A circular imperial century through the lovely lumpy lanes of Leicestershire with the city at its heart. Enjoy some wonderful views, pretty villages and refuel at three fine cafes. 

    For detailed route card, map and to enter visit:

    Inner Circle 88km

    88km cycling event starting from Haynes Road, Leicester, LE54AR. Controls at Medbourne, plus 2 information controls.  The little sister of the Leicester Circle. This ride explores the endless and exhilarating ups and downs of East Leicestershire, sticking to lovely quiet lanes as far as possible, and offering up some great views.

    For detailed route card, map and to enter visit:

    More about Audax events

    The Audax challenge is to navigate yourself to 'control' points along the route - the main controls are cafes - within a time limit determined by a minimum average speed. For the Leicester Circle the minimum av. speed, including stops, is 15km/h (9.5mph). So, despite the hills and distance, it's an achievable goal for the speedy and steady alike.  For the Inner Circle the minimum av. speed is even lower at 12.5km/h (7.7mph), so despite it being even hillier than the Leicester Circle, you're likely to get back in time.

    Both rides are open, within reason, to anyone. You don't have to be a member of those aformentioned bodies - AUK or CTC - nor a member of a cycling club, so please let your cycling friends know.

    For a more detailed description on Audax:

    If you have any further questions please contact Steve Orchard