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Leicester Forest Cycling Club LFCC Leicestershire


AGM - Jan 29th at 7pm Please note new venue: the Parcelyard, 48a London Road LE2 0QB - next door to Leicester Railway Station. Map

Membership renewals now due - Click for further details.

Audax Dates: The Rutland and Beyond Audax Sunday 11th February 2018 & Another Slice of Rutland - 200k - Saturday 21st April 2018


Welcome to the website of Leicester / Leicestershire Cycling Club.

Leicester Forest Cycling Club "LFCC" is a little different to many clubs who exist only for racers and chain-gangs. We are all cycling fanatics, but like to enjoy what we do at the same time. Our conversations are more likely to be about which cafe we will ride to rather than what our resting heart-rate might be. We have members of all shapes and sizes and guarantee a warm welcome for any new members, regardless of experience, equipment or ambitions in the sport. That said, we do have some very good time-trial, road race and audax riders.

Please have a look around the website, but before you do, allow me to tell you a little bit more about the club.


In 2017 we had a total membership of more than 300, and that includes 48 woman members from all over Leicestershire & other aeras and they get involved in all forms of cycling. We have commuters, tricyclists, racers, time-triallists, Sustrans volunteers, fixed-gear riders, Derby velodrome track riders, fast riders, slow riders, rouleurs, grimpeurs, singlespeeders, mountain bikers, cyclocrossers, tourists, happy folks, quiet folks... you name it! What I'm getting at is that we don't care what you ride, how fast you ride it, whether you shave your legs or how fast you can ride 'a ten'. As long as you ride a bike, you're welcome here.

We also have a rapidly expanding junior rockets section - you can find details elsewhere on the website.

The main event of our week is the Saturday & Sunday mornings club run. For full details of our weekend club rides take a look here.

For 'beginners'/new-comers or people who just don't know if group riding is for them, we have our Sunday Social. This is a shorter ride, usually from the same start point and to a closer cafe. Arrangements for this ride usually happen on our Facebook page or our forum. Email me if you're not sure which ride is for you.

Throughout the summer we run a time trial series on Thursday evenings. The route for that is here. We have all kinds of riders at all standards and ability, many racing for the first time. A few people are out to win but EVERYONE is out to beat their own best time. Time trialing is addictive. Once you try it, you'll be back again and again...
We also run Open 10 and 25 events that attract some of the fastest riders from around the district, setting some incredible times. We run two Audax events in February and September. The February event is 100km route from Leicester around Rutland that is usually challenging for both the hills and the weather. September's offers a choice of 50 or 100 mile rides that are 'laps' of the county.

There are mid week training/casual rides, check the forum/Facebook page for what is happening this week.

Our members also ride mountain bikes regularly throughout the year. But we'll also have people riding regularly at Cannock Chase and in Wales, the Lakes etc. Keep an eye on the forum for details of these and other rides.

These are the 'official' events. Outside of these, members will be riding every day of the week, usually posting the details on the forum to see if anyone else fancies it. Examples of these can be sportives, both local and international (a group of us have ridden the largest sportive there is, the Tour Of Flanders for the last couple of years), velodrome trips, tours, end-to-ends, charity rides etc etc.

We are commuters, activists and advocates doing whatever it takes to promote cycling as a social, recreational and competitive activity.

So, have a look around and you'll get an idea of the sort of thing we are upto. If you want to become a member, or just want to go for a ride and see what it's all about, then get in touch.

Whatever you ride, ride with us. Leicestershire's Friendly Cycling Club

Ian Nutt.

President, Leicester Forest Cycling Club. LFCC

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