2012 Leicester Forest cycling club Annual general meeting




    Ian Nutt, Nick Jordan, Eddie Newcombe, Rob Jones, Kim Suffolk.

    Colin Field, Julian Howe, Sheila Newcombe, Robin Cawsor, Nick Dyer, June Brand, Steve Hill, Sharon Jackson, Rob Martin, Mat Richardson, Tim Cooper, Chris Ashford, Shirley Ashford, Trevor Forrands, Rich Jackson, Helen Jackson, Jason Shadbolt, Bill Bridges, Tyler Bridges, Aaron Wardle, Ron Gratrix, Sharon Gratrix, Simon Askham, Chris Sprot, Dave Hardy, Eric Ludlow, Ivan Waddington, Ant Goodwin, Tom Graham, Diarmuid Cullinane,  Alan Bontoft, Andy Salkeld, Janet Hudson, Simeon Diaz.



    Matt Finch, Andy Ward, Mark Sobieraj, Ron Johnson, Gilbert Martin, Dave Allison, Mark Edward.


    Minutes of the last AGM

    The minutes were agreed as being true and correct.


    Agenda items


    President’s Report

    Ian wished to thank all who had contributed to the club throughout the preceding year. He informed the meeting that membership had doubled to 127 members through the course of the year. He also informed the meeting that he had enjoyed his time in office.


    Secretary’s Report

    Rob elected to talk about future events that the club would be involved in. He informed the committee that the development of a junior section for the club was dependent on the club becoming Go Ride accredited and this in turn was dependent on a grant application that the club had submitted to Sport England. A reply was expected for this in the near future and hopefully in time to send two or three members to train for their level two coaching certicates in February. HE informed the meeting that the club would recommence the evening 10s from May this year and that both the open 10 and 25 would be running. He also mentioned Nicks MTB time trial that would run in February.

    Rob informed the meeting that there would be two open road races this year. One would take the form of a city centre criterium on the August bank holiday and the other would be a regional cat. 2,3,4 road race from Gilmorton. There would also be a regional cyclocross race which was being organised by Alan Bontoft.

    More trips to velodromes would be organised and that support for riders riding the Dunwich Dynamo would also be organised. Rob suggested that tying in something to do with the Olympics would represent a unique opportunity but nothing concrete had been considered yet. Rob also asked that members come forward if they have ideas for trips and events.

    Rob informed the meeting that a club cycle jumble would be held on the 17th of March in Kirby Muxloe village hall.



    Auditor’s Report

    Ivan Waddington informed the meeting that everything was correct and in order with the accounts. Ivan agreed to be auditor for the club next year.


    Treasurer’s Report

    Julian informed the meeting that the club had generated a surplus for the year and thanked all organisers of events for creating this surplus. Julian informed the meeting that as more events took place within the club the more complicated the clubs finances would get. Julian felt it was important to keep the membership fee low, especially in relation to other local clubs, and that this could be made possible through open events and the sale of club clothing. The state of the clubs reserves would mean that the club could underwrite all events but that principle events would need to be able to stand on their own feet. Sharon Gratrix felt that it was important that new members were made aware that the membership fee was to be paid yearly. Julian informed her that membership was waived only towards the end of the year when paying for a month or less would be seen as unfair.


    Audax Report

    Mat Richardson reported on both Audax events. He informed the meeting that both events had gone well. There had been over a hundred riders for the ‘Rutland and beyond’ audax and around 75 for the ‘Leicester Circle’ audax. There had been plenty of help for both events and that both events had generated a surplus. Both events would run in 2012. The first on February the 12th and the second on the 23rd of September the latter being run on two courses of 50 and 100 miles.


    TT Report

    Steve Hill reported on the open TT events. The 10 and 25 events had gone well and both events would be run again next year. Mat Richardson agreed to help organise these. Eddie Newcombe reported on the evening 10s. The police forms had been handed in and the limit had been raised from 40 to 50 riders. The events would run from May through to the end of August this year.


    Social Secretary’s Report

    Sheila Newcombe reported that the prize giving presentation had gone well with 72 members and guests attending. The venue was deemed to be good and there had been no problems with the event.


    Election of officers

    President – Nick Jordan proposed Ian Nutt, seconded by Eddie Newcombe. There were no challengers. Ian was returned as president.

    General Secretary-Sharon Gratrix proposed Rob Jones, seconded by Ron Gratrix. There were no challengers. Rob was returned as Secretary.

    Treasurer-Eddie Newcombe proposed Julian Howe, Seconded by Ron Gratrix. There were no challengers. Julian was returned as treasurer.

    Social Secretary-Eddie Newcombe proposed Sheila Newcombe, seconded bySharon Gratrix. There were no challengers. Sheila was returned as social secretary.

    Sports Co-ordinator – This post was left vacant.

    Clubroom Committee – Ian questioned the need for a committee of people to run the club room and suggested key-holders instead. The club room was not being used by newer members as they tended to use the forum instead. Given this, it was still felt that the club room remained a useful asset to the club. It was agreed that the issue of the club room would be discussed at the next committee meeting.

    Evening 10s – Eddie and Sheila Newcombe agreed to continue to run the evening 10s. There were no challengers.

    Audax- Kim Suffolk informed the committee that he no longer wished to stand as a committee member. Eric Ludlow proposed Mat Richardson Seconded by Nick Jordan. Mat was elected to this post.

    Open time trials- Steve Hill and Mat Richardson agreed to continue in this post. There were no challengers.

    Trailquest/off road-This post was left vacant.

    Committee Members-Nick Jordan and Eric Ludlow agreed to continue to serve on the committee. Tim Cooper, Diarmuid Cullinane and Helen Jackson asked to serve on the committee.

    BCF Reps-Rob Jones informed the committee that he was already a member of B.C.F’s regional committee and would represent the club at their meetings. There were no challengers to this.

    RTTC Reps-Steve Hill and Mat Richardson agreed to serve in this capacity.


    Changes to the constitution

    Ian explained to the meeting why it was important to change the clubs constitution. He suggested that although the committee had respect for the clubs past, the constitution as it stood was too rigid, too old and convoluted and no longer fit for purpose.

    Julian had prepared a new document using British Cycling’s template constitution. He explained that the ethics of the club wouldn’t change.

    The club would be known for tax purposes as a community amateur sports club, the new constitution would prove to other bodies that the club was well run and would help with the application of grants.

    Sharon Gratrix asked who would be liable for debt in the event of the club winding up. Dave Hardy suggested that the club protect its members by becoming a limited company. Eric Ludlow suggested that the liability to members between old and new constitutions would be no different. Ivan asked that the committee provide reassurance to the clubs members, he suggested that a solicitor be hired to go through the constitution. Rob Martin asked whether the constitution could be adopted temporarily whilst checks were carried out.

    Diarmuid Cullinane informed the meeting that a considerable amount of work in raising grants would go to waste if the constitution was not adopted. Alan Bontoft suggested that advice be sought from British Cycling rather than going to the expense of hiring a solicitor. Janet Hudson (BC representative) suggested that B.C. would have made sure that the constitution template would have been made watertight before publishing it thus protecting club members from liability.

    Ivan Waddington proposed that an amendment be made to section 8 part iv [The committee will have due regard to the law on disability discrimination...] to read ... [The committee will have due regard to the law on all forms of disability discrimination] this was seconded by Rob Jones. A vote was held and carried by 28 votes for, to 1 against.

    Rob notified the meeting that 12 committee members had been selected to serve at the meeting  as opposed to the 10 suggested in the constitution. Steve Hill proposed that the constitution be changed to reflect this. A vote was held and carried by 29votes for, to 1 against. A vote was held to adopt the amended new constitution. The adoption of the new constitution was carried by 29 votes for, to 1 against.


    Any other business

    Helen Jackson asked that more information regarding the beginners ride be included on the webpage especially regarding the type of rider the event was aimed at.

    Eric Ludlow asked that the website be updated as some information was no longer relevant.

    Julian Howe asked whether members would be interested in a new lapel badge.

    Julian also suggested that the club introduce an introduction to time trialling there was discussion but the consensus was that it would be logistically difficult to do this on the open road.

    Steve Hill asked whether the club should afilliate to the Central district ladies cycling association.  Steve also informed the meeting that a rota for officials would be drawn up for the evening 10s and published on the website. Steve suggested that marshals be used on the evening 10s this year.

    Ant Goodwin asked whether one of the evening 10s could be run as a two up. Eddie informed the meeting that because the police forms had already been submitted that this would not be possible.

    Nick reminded the meeting about the MTB time trial that was being held at Hick’s lodge on the 26th of February.


    The meeting closed at 8.25pm.

    Leicester Forest cycling club

    Annual general meeting 2012