Velodrome Trip

    Manchester Velo LFCC

    Sat 12th April 2014 Manchester Velodrome Trip 13:00-15:00

    Now full - ALL Participants need to choose thier bike size before Thursday 10th April by filling in the for Here

    The list of bike sizes people have allready chosen are here.

    After being on the waiting list for a VERY long time we finally have managed to book a 2 hour slot at the Manchester Velodrome

    The session will cost £17 for the two hours + £11 Bike Hire + £5 Shoe hire.

    The bikes have Look delta Cleats like these so if you dont have these cleats you can either buy some cleats yourself or hire Lake Cycling Shoes at the velo on the day for £5
    If you use your own shoes you need to make sure they are clean.

    The session is limited to 16 people, places will be reserved to LFCC club members on a first come first served bases.

    You will need to arrange your own travel to the velo in Manchester as we will not be hiring coach travel to get there as we have done in the past. If we all arrange & share lifts in various cars this will make the trip economical.

    Take a look at the paper work sent by the Velo for full details here.

    To get a place for this track session please contact Simon Askham & Pay £17 to reserve your place, I will accept cash or email me for palpay or bank transfer options.

    01 - Simon Askham - Paid £25 (Main Deposit for the Velo)

    02 - James Hinchliffe - Paid £17 C 

    03 - James Green - Paid £17 PP

    04 - Wayne Henderson - £17 C

    05 - Kitt Brown - Paid £17 C

    06 - Danny Butcher - Paid £17 PP

    07 - Tony Noble - Paid £17 PP

    08 - Kevin Webb - Paid £17 C

    09 - Jack Burton - Paid £17 PP

    10 - Iain Bell - Paid £17 BT

    11 - Christopher McNaughton - Paid £17 PP

    12 - Iain Blakeley - Paid £17 C

    13 - Paul Kendall - Paid £17 C

    14 - Alan Bontoft -  Paid £17 PP

    15 - Steve Baughy

    16 - Sarah Soden - Paid £17 PP

    LFCC Velo from placid casual on Vimeo.