LFCC Club 10 Mile TT

      Unfortunately due to lack of volunteers the evening TT on the 15th June has been cancelled.
      If you would like to help to keep these events running please help to volunteer via the below page:

      Leicester Forest Cycling Club Evening Club 10 mile Time Trials 2017

    Thursday Evenings 10 TTs - This year we will have 6 evening 10 TT's starting on Thursday June 8th - July 13th.

    Course A10/11 start time 7.30pm

    We need Helpers to make these happen, all help is greatly appreciated:

    We need a main event organiser otherwise the events WILL NOT happen. If anyone would like to be the main organiser for these events it would be appreciated, you do not have to commit to them all, just one week would help. If we do not get anyone to help unfortunately the evening 10s will not take place.

    Please email webmaster@leicesterforest.org.uk with the date/dates you are able to help.

    We are hoping to maintain the first-class marshalling coverage that we have had previously in our Evening Club events and ask the club members, families and friends to volunteer their services.

    Club members who intend to ride the evening time trials will be required to volunteer for one event for any task as shown on the helpers chart.

    Club members who do not volunteer to assist will not be eligible to win the ‘10 Championship’ or qualify for any points payback award.

    Riders can nominate a friend or relative to help on their behalf.  In this instance, it is the rider’s name that is on the helpers chart.

    If, after volunteering, club members find they cannot fulfil their commitment, they must do their utmost to find a replacement for the volunteering duty.

    The Championship will be decided over a rider’s four qualifying rides.  If an event is cancelled due to events beyond our control, then any rider who is at the event intending to ride will be allowed to have an average of their total rides to-date taken into account to make up the shortfall to give four qualifying rides.

    We need the event tasks to be filled two weeks before the actual event, otherwise the event may be cancelled.

    The cost to club members to ride will be £3.00 and non-members will be £4.00.

    All riders will be required to have a good working rear light fitted their cycle.  Riders will be allowed one week grace for no-light or a poor light.


    Helmets are compulsory for under 18's but strongly recommended for all. Take a look at the CTT regulations for full details.

    Please note anyone spotted taking risks on corners going wide & crossing over the central white line onto the opposite side of the road WILL BE disqualified. 

    Fixed wheel cycles: The bike needs two braking methods and a fixed wheel with a locking ring fitted is taken as one braking method. A good front front brake + correct fixed wheel is okay.

    After your ride you're more than welcome to stop at our temporary HQ for hot & cold drinks, homemade cake and a chat. For any details on our evening 10's please contact Ian Nutt on ian.nutt@leicesterforest.org.uk

    If you do not want to ride but want to get involved we are always looking for helpers, please take a look here for further details.

    A range of people ride our 10 tt's on normal road bikes to full on tt bikes, it has even been done on mountain bikes in the past. There are no entry requirements in regards to what time you might ride, people tend to do it in a range of times from 40 - 20 minutes. Take a look at our 2013 results page here.

    Our evening 10 takes place on the A10/11 10 mile time trial course see below maps in various formats:
    Garmin A10/11 Course
    Ride With GPS A10/11 Course
    Strava A10/11 Course

    Live Provisional results page here.
    Main Evening 10 result page here.

    To take part in these time trials you do need to be a member of a CTT affiliated Cycling Club such as ourselves, LFCC membership is only £12.50 a year.

    For more information on time trials please take a look at the CTT website - www.cyclingtimetrials.org.uk

    We also have 3 Open TT events for 2017:



    Location & Parking - Park Hill Golf Club Parking:
    Park Hill Golf Club - Park Hill, Seagrave, Leicestershire. LE12 7NG

    Park Hill Golf Club on Park Hill Lane have very kindly offered to let us erect the gazebo in the golf club car park.  There is also space for car parking and we are allowed to use the toilets in the driving range, please ONLY park in the areas marked in RED on the below map.

    This is a very kind gesture by the golf club, and we need to treat the area and everyone involved with the golf club with respect.There is a restaurant and bar at the golf club, so if anybody would like an after-event social drink, a little reciprocal business would be good.Riders, please plan your events for riding and helping.

    So, good luck when you're riding and let us all look forward to some very nice evenings when the Leicester Forest CC put on their evening club 10s
    The location of the gazebo and parking are shown on a map below:


    View LFCC 10 TT A10/11 Course in a larger map
    View LFCC 10 TT A10/11 Course in a larger map


    If anyone would like to be the main organiser for these events it would be appreciated, you do not have to commit to them all. If we do not get anyone to help unfortunately the evening 10s will not take place.