2017 Leicester Forest Cycling Club Annual General Meeting

    Leicester Forest Cycling Club AGM - 23rd January 2017 Minutes


    Dave Hardy, Martyn Wheeler, Paul Turner, Keith Randle, Helen Jackson, Steve Hill, Julie Brand, Richard Bell, Oli Bell, Mike Moore, David Shaw, Ivan Tamson, Claire Leavis, Tom Leavis, Wayne Herbert, Matt Richardson, Peter Glover, Ivan Waddington, Steve Orchard, Drothy Wood, Jim Green

    Minutes of the last meeting

    Agreed as being a true and correct record.

    Agenda items

    Presidents Report

    Ian started the meeting by thanking those that had contributed to the club’s success. He noted that the club had again continued going from strength to strength with the club membership growing to 315 members during 2016. The club remained on a financially sound footing despite the amounts spent on club kit, the number of events and volunteer tokens.

    The club had hosted a number of very successful events over the past year but a special mention for the cyclocross event which had been organised from a standing start, the first such club event for some 30 years.

     Ian thanked all those who had helped at, or who had organised events but expressed concern that the general membership were still reticent in volunteering to help at events and the general running of the club at committee level.

    Ian congratulated Steve Hill on him being awarded with volunteer of the year at the Leicester City Council Sports Awards.


    Treasurers Report

    Paul informed the meeting that the club remained in a strong position financially. For the 12 months to the 30th of November 2016 the club recorded a surplus of £209. Main areas of income and expenditure were as follows.

    Membership subscriptions were £3712 up 31% on 2015

    Time Trials (open and evening events) Net surplus of £855

    Audaxes (Feb and September) Surpluses of £714

    Road Race had a net surplus of £316.

    Go ride – Net expenditure was £120. Go ride is still being funded by the Go Ride bank account. (Balance at 30 November 2015 was £1015) Broadly unchanged from 2015.

    There was a deficit on club kit sales of £1445. This was largely attributable to timing (surplus of £1085 last year) and use of tokens by volunteers.

    Trophy costs were abnormally high at £1795 as the had club added several new trophies (mostly Junior and Veteran) to reflect the make up of the membership racing.



    As at 30 November the club had net assets of £17,051 comprising- Cash and equivalents £14,181 (including £1015 in the Go ride account).

    Stock of club kit £2,870.


    Ian thanked Paul and Ivan Waddington for auditing the accounts.


    Event Reports

    Ian reported on the evening 10s. Six events had been planned with one cancelled due to the weather. There had been between 40 and 60 riders per night with many riding their first TT, the special atmosphere at these events was very much in evidence again last year.


    Spring audax – Kim Suffolk reported that there had been 156 entries, 102 starters and 98 finishers with 4 DNF for last years event. 80 entries had so far been received for the event this year but with fewer LFCC entries. It was agreed that a notice be put up online to try to get members to sign up early rather than on the line. Kim asked for more help in running the event.


    Open TT events – Paul Turner reported that The 10TT had been well supported with 86 entries. The main winner was Ian Guilor (Mapperley CC) with a time of 20:33 whilst the fastest woman was Leicester Forest’s Lucy Sturgess with 24:11 (12 seconds short of the club record) Fastest vet on standard was 85 year old Ron Hallam (South Pennine RC) 26:54 (+6:53 on standard). The event ran smoothly and positive feedback was received from the CTT observer. Paul thanked the marshals in attendance as well as Steve Hill and Julie Brand for their guidance in organising the event.


    Road Race – Rob jones reported that the event had gone well.  There had been 63 starters, the course had been lengthened which proved to be attritional. The winner was John Johnston (Clay Cross) Who won from a bunch sprint.  There had been sufficient help from club members on the day.


    Summer audax – Steve Orchard reported that  the event ran smoothly thanks to all who helped on the day: Steve Hill, David Muschialli, John Wilton, Nipper, Ron Johnson, David Tomlinson, Rob Jones, Matt Richardson . The event had 49 entries on the Leicester Circle and 34 on the Inner Circle.

    There was one accident due to a rider taking a corner too fast which resulted in grazes and bruises and a broken bike. No other riders were involved.

    This year’s event will be on Sunday 17th September since the Welland Wonder  is already on the calendar the following Saturday 23rd. Steve noted that he  intends to move the first control back to Hallaton and is also investigating possible route changes.


    Steve Orchard, along with other regular Audaxers from the club have been investigating the possibility of setting up a 200km audax from Haynes Road up to Bottesford then down to Brixworth and back to Haynes Road. This event is intended to take place in March or April and so will be too late to get onto the Audax calendar for this year.


    Cyclocross – Alan Bontoft reported that there had been 257 starters across all events with 25 members riding. Alan thanked all who had helped with a special mention for Nick Walling for his support and advice. 37 marshals and helpers had been required. Four members of the club had podiumed, Toby Leavis, Megan Cherry, Libby Bell and Max Walling. There had been a lot of positive feedback regarding the event.

     Alan noted that there was a possibility that the club would host two events next season, with priority given to an event within the new Leicestershire and Rutland CX league. The WMCXL date setting meeting would be held soon and so a decision on whether to host an event within that league would be needed imminently. Alan noted that a change of venue might also be considered.


    Go Ride Report

    Julie reported that 2016 had been a good year for the LFCC Rockets with a regular attendance of around 30 most evenings and up to 40 attendees on several occasions.  The club’s presence at the Leicester SkyRide day allowed us to make contact with a number of potential new members as well as some old lapsed members, and continuing to build links with local schools has also brought new riders to us. This means that the club can divide the group better, according to the ability (and ambitions) of the riders, and provide a more tailored offering to all of the young cyclists on the night.

    These numbers mean that the club has had to call upon new coaches.  Alongside the club’s regular coaching team of Steve Hill, Mike Moore, Richard Bell, Helen Jackson, Nick Walling, Julie Brand, and the club’s newest qualified Level 1 coach, Oli Bell, the club also has two new ‘trainees’ – James Bowie and David Searle, who are joining the team for 2017.  The club is also extremely grateful to some of the parents who have been more than willing to lend a hand especially Claire and Tom Leavis, Samantha Bell, Ivan Waddington, Daniel Gadsby, Jeff Jones.

    The club has developed a good squad of young cyclists.  15 regularly competed at the Mallory Park Youth League, with riders placed in several categories and, overall, LFCC Rockets finished 3rd out of 45 clubs represented there. 

    The Rockets were also invited to the Welland Valley Whizz Kids Grass Track event in the summer, where again, the club’s riders performed well, and were great ambassadors for the club.

    Currently, several of the club’s more experienced riders are competing successfully in cyclo-cross events throughout the region, and some of the club’s new-to-racing Rockets also excelled at LFCC’s own cycle-cross event last weekend.

    Throughout the year, the club has tried to offer a variety of cycling skills to the Rockets riders. Not only does the club have regular Monday night training, and racing as mentioned above, but has also organised family rides, MTB rides and have started sessions on the rollers at the club room.

    The new Leicester Cycle Circuit is currently being built at New College.  Once completed this Spring the club will full advantage of the facilities there.





    Election of Officers







    Ian Nutt

    Ian Nutt

    Mike Sheldrake

    Ron Gratrix


    Rob Jones

    Rob Jones

    Rob Dyson

    Dan Gadsby


    Paul Turner

    Paul Turner

    Rob Dyson

    Andy Ward

    Membership Sec.

    Rob Dyson

    Rob Dyson

    Tom Sugden

    Mike Sheldrake

    Junior Section Coordinator


    Julie Brand

    Ron Johnson

    Sharon Gratrix

    Website coordinator

    Simon Askham

    Simon Askham

    Rich Jackson

    Dan Gadsby

    Club Kit

    Rich Jackson

    Rich Jackson

    Dave Muschialli

    Tom Sugden

    Social Secretary


    Jess Walling



    General Committee

    Paul Hamshere

    Joe Marshall

    Nick walling

    Mike Sheldrake

    Paul Hamshere

    Andy Ward





    Unelected Positions/organisers




    Evening 10TT

    Steve Hill



    Kim Suffolk / Steve Orchard

    Kim Suffolk/

    Steve Orchard

    Open Time Trials

    Steve Hill / Paul Turner

    Steve Hill / Paul Turner

    Road Race

    Rob Jones / Paul Turner

    Rob Jones/ Paul Turner

    British Cycling rep.

    Rob Jones

    Rob Jones

    CTT Rep.

    Steve Hill

    Steve Hill / Paul Turner TBC

    Road Race

    Rob Jones

    Rob Jones

    Welfare Officer

    Dave Muschialli

    Dave Muschialli


    Ivan Waddington

    Ivan Waddington



    2017 Events

    Evening 10s – These events would provisionally take place between the 8th of June and 13th of July. Matt Gadsby volunteered to organise a couple of events. Matt Gadsby offered to look after the equipment for the duration of the series as he lived relatively close to the course. Other organisers could be recruited over the coming weeks. Ian was not overly concerned with this as the only issue would be the police forms which could be submitted closer to the event or if possible could have one name that would act as an overseer. Sharon Gratrix suggested that a ‘job description’ be created and published so that potential organisers could more clearly see what would be involved.


    Open TTs – Paul Turner would be organising the first 50TT that the club had hosted in many years. This would take place on the 28th May. Paul Would again be organising the open 10 on the 12th of August. Steve Hill had agreed to organise the 25TT on the 10th of June.


    Audax – Kim Suffolk confirmed that he would be happy to continue organising his event. Kim expressed his frustration that club members especially felt that they needn’t enter in advance and would be able to sign up on the line. Rob Dyson agreed to post online reminding people to sign uo for the event if they wished to ride it. 


    Steve had agreed to organise the Summer Audaxes on the 17th of September.


    Road Race – Rob Jones, confirmed that he would be organising the road race again and that this year it would be a National B test event for the EMRRL. The same course but slightly longer.


    Annual Dinner – Rob Dyson informed the meeting that 38 adults and 9 children had confirmed their attendance at the awards evening. More would be expected to sign up as the event got nearer.

    Dave Muschialli asked whether food and beer would be discounted at Steaming Billy pubs Rob Jones believed that this was the case but that many establishments didn’t know.



    Rob Dyson informed the meeting that life member Gilbert Martin had passed away.


    2016 saw the club with 315 members comprising of 65 juniors. To date the club had 197 members with 31 juniors. Updated handbooks had been sent out to all new members.


    Proposal to shut down the club’s forum page


    Alan Bontoft reported that there was no real activity now taking place on the forum page and recommended closing it so that posts wouldn’t be placed and remain unread. Daniel Gadsby asked whether this wasn’t the official form of communication from the club. It was agreed that Facebook was the best means for member communication within the club. Sharon Gratrix asked how those who had no access to Facebook would communicate with the club especially with regard to volunteering. Rob D informed her that emails and letters would go out to the membership with regard to important matters.  Ian confirmed that the Facebook page is a closed group. It was agreed that the link between the website and Facebook page should be stronger and that pinned posts be used more frequently. The meeting agreed that the forum page could be closed. Rob Jones agreed to include web communication as an agenda item at the next meeting.



    Rob Dyson informed the meeting that roller racing nights were now most likely to take place in February as the repairs required to the rollers had not been successfully completed.


    Rob Dyson expressed concern for the financial viability of the volunteer tokens system. It was agreed that it was important to retain them but some changes may need to be considered to the rules regarding the number of tokens that can be rolled over from year to year. Rob J agreed to include this as an agenda item for the next committee meeting.


    Tom Sugden suggested that the club run should have a beginners ride once a month and that club riders be nominated to lead club runs. Tom also expressed concern regarding the B ride which often broke apart due to inconsiderate riding and lack of leadership.  Ian suggested that it would be difficult finding ride leaders and that doing this would place extra responsibility on the club. Ian felt it was important that those participating in the club run should be encouraged to take greater ownership of it. Rob Jones suggested that during the Summer the A ride take place once a month to the Beehive and that this be a lead ride. This would also allow those who wanted to step up a safety net of being caught by the slower group behind if they so wished as all rides went to the same cafe. Rob agreed to include this as part of the agenda for the next committee meeting.


    Rich Jackson suggested that a drop down box on the website be created with regard to volunteering. It was agreed that this should be done.


    Rich Jackson suggested that the club change supplier with regard to club kit. Both delivery and constantly increasing prices are issues with the current supplier. It was agreed that a company more local to the club might be a better option. There were no objections to changing supplier. Rich Jackson agreed to investigate further.


    Dave Muschialli suggested that juniors be allowed to join the committee. Dave agreed to speak to the Go Ride coaches regarding this.


    Tom Sugden asked whether Helen Jackson was able to take track accreditation sessions for senior club members. Tom agreed to discuss this with Helen.


    Ron Johnson informed the meeting that Gil Martin’s funeral would take place on Friday the 27th of January at 2.15pm at Gilroes cemetary. The club agreed to send flowers.


    Matt Gadsby asked whether it was worth placing flyers in the universities and appropriate shops. Ian agreed to get flyers printed.


    The meeting closed at 8.35pm



    The next committee meeting shall take place on:

    Tuesday the 14th of February 2017 at 7.00pm 

    To be held at:

    The Club room, 37 Haynes Road, Leicester. LE5 4AR.